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Celebrating this year – 14th March 2021: What will you do for your Mum?

Bouquets from The Gilded LilyAs with UK tradition, will you surprise your Mum with flowers? Flowers are always a welcome gift by Mums from their children and there are some amazing florists that do beautiful bouquets to meet any budget. I particularly like, They offer a bespoke service, and whilst specialising in wedding flowers, (yes, they did mine), they truly are very talented with bouquets too!

Alternatively, perhaps your mum would prefer a piece of 925 sterling silver jewellery. My choice would be Delicate Dreams as they offer pendants, bracelets, earrings and have so many different designs that there really is something for everyone.

I think this beautiful, elegant silver locket is perfect for mums as it is large enough to store a photograph, a lock of hair, a tooth, or another small, sentimental item that reminds the wearer of their child or children.

If your mum loves wearing bracelets, this white grey and black pearl bracelet is a definite staple that will go with any wardrobe. It has a beautiful crystal studded ball that adds that extra touch of glamour too!

Perhaps you are looking for a beautiful brooch for on your Mum’s coat or jacket, this is the perfect size for it to stand out and is also a beautiful Celtic knot that looks perfect whether on casual wear, business wear or for a night out!

I love visiting little boutique style shops and one of my absolute favourites is Chocobella in Chorley. Not only is the chocolate amazing but they also do some beautiful gifts for upcoming special days. Their Mother’s Day range is no exception! If your mum loves chocolate this is definitely a place that you must visit and as an extra bonus, they are also taking and delivering orders locally if you are stuck for time!

Mums always seem to be running around. Let her know that you want her to have an hour for herself to relax and unwind by purchasing a gift voucher from a beauty salon. By purchasing a voucher, your mum can decide what treatment she likes from a facial to a pedicure! I love visiting Victoria Beauty in Chorley, it has a professional, welcoming atmosphere and you always get a brilliant treatment, whatever you choose, your mum will definitely be able to relax!

If you are looking for more inspiration there are lots to choose from on Amazon for Mothers Day.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Mother’s Day does not have to cost a lot. The things that matter the most as a mum is having your children with you all day! So if you are on a tight budget this year why not treat your mum to a day where you look after her. Here are some ideas:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Homemade cards
  • Lovely walk in the countryside
  • Homemade 3 course meal and if you’re not good at cooking check out the Toby Carvery deal.

Whatever you do for your mum this Mother’s Day, remember to make sure that she knows how much she is loved and appreciated every day, not just once a year!

Blog written by Guest Writer – Carla Grady

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t always easy to find. You’re probably not at the stage where you want to express your endless love, nor are you at the stage where you’re ready to purchase an engagement ring and make a grand Valentine’s Day proposal.

Instead, why not consider some of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for young relationships?

A Day Out

Swap traditional gift-giving for a fun day out together. Visit a zoo or theme park, go for a walk in your favourite park or simply arrange to eat out at a pub or restaurant.

Experiences are just as exciting as a physical gift and can give you some much needed time to sit down and chat, especially if you’re usually very busy.

A Stuffed Toy

Many Valentine’s Day teddies are big plush bears holding large stuffed hearts. Go with the traditional option, or get a little creative. You can buy a stuffed toy of your partner’s favourite animal, or visit a shop that lets you pick and stuff your own bear before choosing some clothing that will suit your partner’s personality.

Why not make a stuffed bear version of your loved one?


Celtic Heart Knot Sterling Silver Drop EarringsDon’t worry – an engagement ring isn’t your only option if you’re purchasing Valentine’s Day jewellery. In fact, there are so many other choices from elegant earrings to cute necklaces and from bracelets and bangles to pretty pendants.

On the Delicate Dreams website, we have a number of romantic pieces of jewellery (and not an engagement ring in sight!), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick the perfect piece from products elsewhere on the website.


Buy a voucher for an experience day, or choose a gift certificate and let your partner select their own gift.

Alternatively, make your own gift voucher promising anything from breakfast in bed redeemable on any morning of the year to a night in with a takeaway or a night away in a hotel whenever your partner decides that they’d like to take a break.

Another option is to encourage a skill, by creating a voucher that they can trade in for driving lessons, music lessons or sewing classes, for example.

The Perfect Evening In

Does your partner enjoy gaming? Pick up a new console game for them, add some cash for a takeaway and a few of their favourite drinks. If they’ve been looking forward to seeing a movie and it’s available online or on DVD, get it ready for Valentine’s Day and add some of their favourite chocolate to the mix.

If they’re not a movie fan or a gamer, why not cook a three-course romantic dinner and serve it up by candlelight whilst playing music by their favourite artist? Or, if you’re big kids at heart, build a fort in your lounge or try a night of indoor camping.

Picking Valentine’s Day gifts for new relationships need not be difficult or stressful. Be a little bit creative, and remember that you can’t go wrong with a Delicate Dreams gift certificate!

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First Holy Communion

A child’s first Holy Communion day is a special occasion, often commemorated with jewellery as a lasting reminder of the event.

If you’re looking to give gifts for a first communion then Sterling Silver jewellery could be the perfect choice, but why is it a favourite?

Long-Lasting Quality

Like Christening gifts, presents for a first Holy Communion are intended to be treasured as a lifelong reminder of the event. Wooden gifts also stand the test of time, but a Holy Communion gift should be something of a high quality that can be kept for many years – chocolates, flowers and age-specific toys aren’t going to have the same sentimental value.


The Holy Communion is also known as the Eucharist, and is celebrated by those of Christian faith. As such, a gift would ideally include relevant symbolism.

A cross pendant specifically for children makes a great gift for a Holy Communion. Alternatives to the round-edged children’s jewellery item include a square-edged cross pendant and a cross pendant with an engraved floral pattern.

Angel themed jewellery pieces, such as guardian angel pendants and angel wing earrings, make a wonderful alternative to the more traditional cross shape.


A Holy Communion gift is given for the meaning behind the occasion and doesn’t necessarily have to be something incredibly expensive. Sterling Silver jewellery need not cost a lot, but will still look wonderful.

Easy to Send in the Mail

We all wish that we could attend every family celebration and every special occasion, but sometimes life gets in the way. Giving jewellery as a gift for the First Holy Communion is an option for those that aren’t able to attend but would still like to send good wishes.

A young person’s First Communion is an important event in their life. By purchasing a relevant and meaningful gift, you’re providing a physical representation of your love and support that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Children

Whether you’re focusing on the religious aspect or celebrating Easter as a secular holiday, you’ll know that kids love the excitement of receiving gifts and possibly even going on a hunt for the Easter Bunny. You’ll also know that Easter is typically an indulgent feast of chocolate, with the kids getting more Easter Eggs than they can comfortably eat in a week. Yet, they’ll still try!

What about those mums, dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and family friends that want to encourage a healthier Easter? What can they buy that will excite the kids just as much, if not more? We’ve put together a handy list of five alternative Easter gifts that will cut down the calories and stop the sugar rush:

–          Colouring and Craft Supplies

For younger children in particular, craft supplies are a lovely alternative. They encourage creativity, and can offer a quality family bonding experience. Great ideas for Easter gifts include:

–          Velvet art posters

–          Chunky outdoor chalks

–          Colouring pencils and a pad of paper

–          Craft kits

–          Modelling clay

–          Jewellery

Easter presents a wonderful opportunity to buy children’s jewellery as an alternative to an Easter egg. A cute pair of earrings for a girl with her ear pierced, or a bracelet or necklace, could be just the ticket to a favourite Easter present.

–          A Day Out

Treat the kids to a day at a local attraction. Go to the zoo, an aquarium, a park or the beach, for example. Around Easter time the weather is getting warmer and drier, so with any luck you’ll be able to get some fresh air and have fun. If not, there are always indoor attractions to enjoy.

–          New Clothes

Children and pre-teens too old to really appreciate craft supplies might enjoy receiving new clothes for Easter. If you’ve got time to spare, combine this with a day out and take them to their favourite shopping centre to pick something out before lunch in the food court or restaurant.

–          An Easter Bunny

A stuffed bunny cuddly toy is a great gift for a younger child. In fact, any stuffed toy will be appreciated! Stores that allow you to build your own bear can turn the gift into more of an experience, but even a pre-wrapped bear will make a lovely, snuggly alternative to an overdose of sugar.

However you celebrate Easter, remember that alternative Easter gifts aren’t only for people that want to avoid giving chocolate. They also add some variety to the gifts that a child receives, giving them something a little different to enjoy whilst they take a break from their mountain of Easter eggs.

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5 Ways to Make this Mother’s Day Special

Whether you’re the mum, the child or the loving partner or friend making Mother’s Day special for a mum with a baby or toddler, we want to help you to make Mother’s Day magical and memorable.

So, we’ve put together a list of 5 great ways to do exactly that!

1. Focus on Quality Time

Gifts are wonderful, but mums want nothing more than quality time with their loved ones. Take her somewhere that the whole family can enjoy together – a zoo, a park for a picnic or somewhere nice to eat like a restaurant, tea room or ice cream parlour! You’ll often hear that mums love ‘me time’ and appreciate long mornings in bed followed by quiet afternoons at the spa, but Mother’s Day is not necessarily the day for that. Of course, mums really appreciate the promise of a spa day to enjoy at a later date!

2. Start with Cuddles in Bed

Before she gets out of bed and starts to get ready for her day, spend some time enjoying cuddles in bed with mum. She’ll love snuggling with her young children, and would even appreciate a quick kiss and a hug from her teenage son or daughter. Just bear in mind that if you’re in your late teenage years or older, there won’t be much space on the bed!

3. Think Carefully about Gifts

Did you know that the most popular day for giving flowers as gifts is Mother’s Day? Flowers are the ‘go to’ gift, and there’s a reason for that, but think about whether your mum is a ‘flower’ person before you place the order. Jewellery gifts can be a lovely, sentimental and long-lasting choice, whilst younger children can also get away with handmade gifts. If you’re a dad, earn some points by taking your children to a pottery painting studio ahead of Mother’s Day so that your kids can be let loose creating a ceramic gift for mummy.

4. Let the Kids Be Involved

Even children that are too young to go out and buy gifts love to be involved in Mother’s Day – it’s a special day for them, too. Give your child a budget and ask them to find something nice, let them pick an item from an online shop or ask them to help with the gift wrapping so that they’ve played a part in the preparation. And don’t worry – when your son or daughter reveals what they’ve purchased slightly ahead of time, it won’t be the end of the world!

5. Take Photographs

Make the memories last. If you’re the boyfriend or husband, have your camera at the ready. Mother’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to capture natural shots of mum and child enjoying their time together. She’ll look back on those pictures for years to come, and you can even put together a photo album using pictures that already exist!