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5 Ways to Make this Mother’s Day Special

Whether you’re the mum, the child or the loving partner or friend making Mother’s Day special for a mum with a baby or toddler, we want to help you to make Mother’s Day magical and memorable.

So, we’ve put together a list of 5 great ways to do exactly that!

1. Focus on Quality Time

Gifts are wonderful, but mums want nothing more than quality time with their loved ones. Take her somewhere that the whole family can enjoy together – a zoo, a park for a picnic or somewhere nice to eat like a restaurant, tea room or ice cream parlour! You’ll often hear that mums love ‘me time’ and appreciate long mornings in bed followed by quiet afternoons at the spa, but Mother’s Day is not necessarily the day for that. Of course, mums really appreciate the promise of a spa day to enjoy at a later date!

2. Start with Cuddles in Bed

Before she gets out of bed and starts to get ready for her day, spend some time enjoying cuddles in bed with mum. She’ll love snuggling with her young children, and would even appreciate a quick kiss and a hug from her teenage son or daughter. Just bear in mind that if you’re in your late teenage years or older, there won’t be much space on the bed!

3. Think Carefully about Gifts

Did you know that the most popular day for giving flowers as gifts is Mother’s Day? Flowers are the ‘go to’ gift, and there’s a reason for that, but think about whether your mum is a ‘flower’ person before you place the order. Jewellery gifts can be a lovely, sentimental and long-lasting choice, whilst younger children can also get away with handmade gifts. If you’re a dad, earn some points by taking your children to a pottery painting studio ahead of Mother’s Day so that your kids can be let loose creating a ceramic gift for mummy.

4. Let the Kids Be Involved

Even children that are too young to go out and buy gifts love to be involved in Mother’s Day – it’s a special day for them, too. Give your child a budget and ask them to find something nice, let them pick an item from an online shop or ask them to help with the gift wrapping so that they’ve played a part in the preparation. And don’t worry – when your son or daughter reveals what they’ve purchased slightly ahead of time, it won’t be the end of the world!

5. Take Photographs

Make the memories last. If you’re the boyfriend or husband, have your camera at the ready. Mother’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to capture natural shots of mum and child enjoying their time together. She’ll look back on those pictures for years to come, and you can even put together a photo album using pictures that already exist!