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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for New Relationships

If you’re in a new relationship, Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t always easy to find. You’re probably not at the stage where you want to express your endless love, nor are you at the stage where you’re ready to purchase an engagement ring and make a grand Valentine’s Day proposal.

Instead, why not consider some of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for young relationships?

A Day Out

Swap traditional gift-giving for a fun day out together. Visit a zoo or theme park, go for a walk in your favourite park or simply arrange to eat out at a pub or restaurant.

Experiences are just as exciting as a physical gift and can give you some much needed time to sit down and chat, especially if you’re usually very busy.

A Stuffed Toy

Many Valentine’s Day teddies are big plush bears holding large stuffed hearts. Go with the traditional option, or get a little creative. You can buy a stuffed toy of your partner’s favourite animal, or visit a shop that lets you pick and stuff your own bear before choosing some clothing that will suit your partner’s personality.

Why not make a stuffed bear version of your loved one?


Celtic Heart Knot Sterling Silver Drop EarringsDon’t worry – an engagement ring isn’t your only option if you’re purchasing Valentine’s Day jewellery. In fact, there are so many other choices from elegant earrings to cute necklaces and from bracelets and bangles to pretty pendants.

On the Delicate Dreams website, we have a number of romantic pieces of jewellery (and not an engagement ring in sight!), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick the perfect piece from products elsewhere on the website.


Buy a voucher for an experience day, or choose a gift certificate and let your partner select their own gift.

Alternatively, make your own gift voucher promising anything from breakfast in bed redeemable on any morning of the year to a night in with a takeaway or a night away in a hotel whenever your partner decides that they’d like to take a break.

Another option is to encourage a skill, by creating a voucher that they can trade in for driving lessons, music lessons or sewing classes, for example.

The Perfect Evening In

Does your partner enjoy gaming? Pick up a new console game for them, add some cash for a takeaway and a few of their favourite drinks. If they’ve been looking forward to seeing a movie and it’s available online or on DVD, get it ready for Valentine’s Day and add some of their favourite chocolate to the mix.

If they’re not a movie fan or a gamer, why not cook a three-course romantic dinner and serve it up by candlelight whilst playing music by their favourite artist? Or, if you’re big kids at heart, build a fort in your lounge or try a night of indoor camping.

Picking Valentine’s Day gifts for new relationships need not be difficult or stressful. Be a little bit creative, and remember that you can’t go wrong with a Delicate Dreams gift certificate!