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First Holy Communion

A child’s first Holy Communion day is a special occasion, often commemorated with jewellery as a lasting reminder of the event.

If you’re looking to give gifts for a first communion then Sterling Silver jewellery could be the perfect choice, but why is it a favourite?

Long-Lasting Quality

Like Christening gifts, presents for a first Holy Communion are intended to be treasured as a lifelong reminder of the event. Wooden gifts also stand the test of time, but a Holy Communion gift should be something of a high quality that can be kept for many years – chocolates, flowers and age-specific toys aren’t going to have the same sentimental value.


The Holy Communion is also known as the Eucharist, and is celebrated by those of Christian faith. As such, a gift would ideally include relevant symbolism.

A cross pendant specifically for children makes a great gift for a Holy Communion. Alternatives to the round-edged children’s jewellery item include a square-edged cross pendant and a cross pendant with an engraved floral pattern.

Angel themed jewellery pieces, such as guardian angel pendants and angel wing earrings, make a wonderful alternative to the more traditional cross shape.


A Holy Communion gift is given for the meaning behind the occasion and doesn’t necessarily have to be something incredibly expensive. Sterling Silver jewellery need not cost a lot, but will still look wonderful.

Easy to Send in the Mail

We all wish that we could attend every family celebration and every special occasion, but sometimes life gets in the way. Giving jewellery as a gift for the First Holy Communion is an option for those that aren’t able to attend but would still like to send good wishes.

A young person’s First Communion is an important event in their life. By purchasing a relevant and meaningful gift, you’re providing a physical representation of your love and support that can be treasured for a lifetime.