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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Family

We all talk about the excitement of Christmas, but preparations aren’t always easy! In fact, it can be really difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift for every member of your family. You want to get the very best present for everyone, but sometimes the choice can be overwhelming! That’s why we’ve put together this guide to buying for certain people.

Don’t forget that if the decision is still too difficult, we stock our very own Delicate Dreams £10 gift certificates.

Buying Christmas Gifts for Daughters

We stock a wide range of jewellery gifts for daughters of all ages. Younger children love wearing beautiful pieces of jewellery, but their rough-and-tumble play can put bracelets and necklaces at risk.

Instead of investing in very expensive jewellery that might be damaged at the park, why not browse the Delicate Dreams selection? Our ladybird bracelets are perfect for younger children as they’re bright, colourful and fun, but at just £12.49 they won’t break the bank.

For an older daughter, our amethyst squiggle pendant has always been a favourite!

What About Christmas Gifts for a Partner?

We have a wide selection of romantic jewellery for every partner, from the new girlfriend to your wife of 50 years.

Our heart bracelets with mock satin cords are favourites to add to a more contemporary jewellery box, whilst our heart pendant with a peridot facet offers a more classic look.

Are You Buying Jewellery Gifts for a Friend?

If you’re a teenager looking for a cute pair of earrings to give to a friend, then why not take a look at these beautiful butterfly earrings? They’re a stud style, so easy to wear and great even if your friend doesn’t like loops or drop earrings.

For music lovers, our treble clef earrings are a popular choice, or you could even buy a brand new jewellery box for your best friend.

Purchasing a Christmas Gift for Mum

Many of our Celtic jewellery items are favourites as gifts for mums. These items include lovely brooches to accessorise with – perfect for any special events that your mum ends up attending!

Browse our Dew Jewellery category for a beautiful selection of gifts for mums, including pearl earrings. Mum might also appreciate the gift of restored jewellery – a polishing cloth can make all of her existing Sterling Silver jewellery look new and shiny once more, and so it’s a great little present to add to what you buy her!

Buying Jewellery for a More Distant Relative or Secret Santa Recipient

Occasionally, we have to buy Christmas gifts for people that we don’t know too well. That’s a great reason to purchase a Delicate Dreams gift voucher!

Why not see what else is available on our website? You can browse and buy, even selecting by price for the best jewellery for under £10!