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5 Fun Things to Do This Valentine’s Day

Who needs a table at a fancy restaurant? You can have just as much fun at home. If you’re looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day instead of a three course dinner, why not pick one of these things to do?

Valentine’s Day Karaoke

Pick out some love songs, turn them up loud and sing along. For an added challenge, take turns with the singing. When the other person is singing, it’s your job to turn the music down at a random point in the song – your partner will need to carry on singing on their own, and when you turn the music back up they should be as close to the right point in the song as possible.

Treasure Hunt

Heart Shaped Synthetic Lapis PendantTreasure hunts are always fun, and you’re never too old to enjoy them. One of you should set up the hunt, hiding items and clues around the home, so that the other can spend some time searching. Why not plan a treasure hunt as a surprise for your significant other, with a piece of romantic jewellery or another little gift as a prize for finding every clue?

‘Perfect’ Poetry

Write three words on a piece of paper for your partner. Ask them to do the same for you. Swap over, and write a romantic poem including each of the three words that you’ve been given. This is more fun if you’ve included words like ‘pickle’, ‘catalogue’ and ‘karate’ than traditional romantic words, so be creative when you’re making your choices.

Valentine’s Treats Roulette

Melt a big bowl full of chocolate. Dip in a wide range of items from grapes, marshmallows and fudge to more unusual foods – how about a mushroom, or a chip? Wait for the chocolate to dry, put everything into an opaque bag and take turns to reach in, pick something out and eat it. Who will get the nice Valentine’s Day treats, and who’s going to get a bit of a surprise?

Photo Challenge

Grab your cameras, or your camera phones. Sit on the sofa and, at the same time, go on a run around the house. You must take photographs of items starting with each letter of the word VALENTINES. You can’t use the same item for a repeated letter and the first person back to the sofa is the winner.

Have a little fun this Valentine’s Day. A night in could be the perfect way to enjoy quality time together. Why not order in a takeaway, set up your Valentine’s Day games and exchange gifts before the chaos begins? Don’t forget that you’ll find a great selection of jewellery on our website, for every budget and every style preference.