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Birthstone Guide for August – Peridot

If you were born in August, your birthstone is the peridot. The olive-coloured stone can be found in a wide range of jewellery, and is one of the only gemstones to come only in one colour.

In this article, we explain what the peridot stone symbolises and where it can be found:

What does the peridot stone symbolise?

The peridot (usually pronounced with an audible ‘t’, but occasionally pronounced with a silent ‘t’) symbolises truth, love and dignity. It’s also the stone that is said to help with fame, and to offer protection. If you’re born in August then you might be interested in singing, dancing and performing and there are many that believe that peridot jewellery will help you to reach your goals of fame and fortune.

Peridot is also said to promote successful relationships, and is ideal as an anniversary gift as well as a birthday gift for people born in August.

Where is peridot found?

Peridot has been mined since as early as 1500BC. It’s commonly found in Egypt. Cleopatra was famed for wearing emeralds, but in fact it’s possible that she actually had peridot jewellery as the two are similar in colour.

Peridot, like diamond, forms in the magma of the planet’s mantle, rather than within the crust closer to the surface. Once formed, it’s moved up by the natural movement of the tectonic plates or is carried to the surface during a volcanic eruption. For that reason, peridot is mostly found along the planet’s fault lines.

Amazingly, peridot hasn’t just been found here on planet Earth. It’s also been brought to Earth from space, within comet dust, and has been found to be a component in many of the meteorites formed at the birth of our solar system.

Why give peridot jewellery?

Peridot is an attractive yellow-green stone that can be used in particularly beautiful pieces of jewellery, like our peridot heart pendant and our peridot drop earrings. As well as being the August birthstone, it’s the 15th wedding anniversary stone which means that peridot jewellery can be purchased for both occasions.

Alternatively, why not pick jewellery with a peridot stone for any other occasion, simply because it’s a beautiful olive-green accessory?